† Sleepy G. † (sleepyg) wrote,
† Sleepy G. †

What to get Tommerz for Christmas?

I tried to post an entry, but Lj ate it. Anyway, as I was trying to post before, I cleaned up my computer, and I was happy-go-lucky, since I could finally get online. Yesterday, Tommy finally recieved the package I sent him. The post office people he stated that he would "definately" get it on Monday. Lying bastards. >/ Anyway, Christmas is coming up soon, and I don't know what to get for Tommy. He already got me something, and he nearly told me what it was. e_E I told him not to ruin the surprise. So here's a question for those who bother reading my Lj.

"Why kind of things would a guy want for Christmas?" o_O
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